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    In the new economic era, people are the decisive factor in ensuring innovation. Everyone should become the main body of innovation, Winbond's talent strategy is embodied in this spirit. Companies to implement "people-oriented" concept of talent, pay attention to the potential of talent to play. At the same time to strengthen the skills training and academic education, training talents, and strive to improve the quality of the staff.

    Delegate to the fish, it is better to grant people to fishing

    Winbond will not simply tell you what to do with the use of talent, but to tell you the job requirements, to teach you the way you work, by your own position in the full play your talents.

    Germany first, only second, both ability and political integrity

    This is Winbond's choice of standards, but also Winbond's moral standards.

    Work together to create brilliant

    Winbond gives employees a stage to show themselves, employees in the work of learning, sublimation in the post, the outstanding contribution of employees is the key to Winbond success, through our joint efforts to achieve "win-win".
    In order to achieve higher and faster development, we are eager to high-quality talent to join Winbond, with us to grow and progress together to create a brilliant future of Winbond.

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