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    Company Background

    Since 1992 HUABANG is a leading producer of power and energy metering products for the distribution, control and management of electrical energy and other dynamic processes. We specializes in research, design and manufacturing with an emphasis on continuous improvement, innovation and high performance and cost-effective solutions HUABANG has developed a growing as a global manufacturer.

    Core Competencies

    Our mission is to make energy usage more dependable and efficient, and to make energy management more convenient and intelligent. HUABANG has various power metering devices are engineered for this precise reason and through its versatile options, product range and cost-effectiveness allows users around the world to make energy usage more dependable and efficient without ever sacrificing quality. Our products are easily integrated into new and existing energy management, automation and building control systems for intelligent and user-friendly energy systems and are backed by responsive technical support and time-tested Manufacturer’s warranty.

    Areas We Serve

    HUABANG serves businesses across a variety of sectors including but not limited to: industrial, commercial, renewable energy, government, educational and communication. Our products and solutions has been deployed in large-scale energy management projects, public transportation expansion projects, factory control systems, sub metering and more with a continued focus of the most efficient, economical for your applications.

    Product Range

    HUABANG has an extensive product range that includes kWh Meter, Digital panel meters, Din rail energy meter, Test bench, Soft starter, Power Frequency Inverter, Meter box, Split core CTs, I/O and communication modules. Our technical sales and support staff are able to help navigate through the meter selection process and equip our customers with the best solution for their projects; with information and advice every step of the way from decision making and installation, to post-purchase and project strategizing.

    Moving Forward

    HUABANG has continues to innovate meter solutions, additions and extensions in the pursuit of not only meeting but exceeding market demand and to offer the very best solutions for our customers. We listen carefully to feedback from partners, end-users, installers and market analysts and strive to offer a diverse, effective and comprehensive metering solution. R&D is a bedrock of the organization and is constantly working on new innovations, keep visiting our website to get up-to-date product announcements and company information as we continue to make energy usage more dependable and efficient, and to make energy management more convenient and intelligent.


    Huabang Criterion:
    Obey, execute, appeals, unity, dedication, win-win!
    Huabang spirit:
    For the Huabang dedication of their own value,Dedication to their customers value,For the community to contribute the value of Huabang!
    Huabang idea:
    Excellence, quality first, honest-oriented, innovation and development!
    Huabang mission:
    Self-improvement, create Wai Yip!
    Huabang purpose:
    Build first-class products, provide high-quality services, create a pioneer team, pool collective forces!
    Huabang aims:
    Science and technology innovation, to achieve the third venture!


    Technical Support:China-net
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